Currently working as a full time designer, whilst developing my passion for photography also. People ask me whether my aim is to one day be a full-time professional photographer, but right now my answer is no. I am passionate about taking great photo's, I love that I do it because I want to, not have to. At the end of the day, I work to photograph, not photograph to work! I believe that this keeps things fresh and the passion alive. I am available for shoots most weekends, however if a weekday is un-avoidable, with enough notice, I can accommodate a weekday shoot too.

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All change

Things have been a little hectic around here just lately. Having been made redundant just over a month ago, I have returned to the world of freelancing. It's not all bad... I get to work from home office with a lovely view of the garden, with my choice of radio station on in the background, and get to enjoy the variety of projects that freelancing brings. I'll try to add a few on here as I go.

First up, a great branding project for a local flooring company. Ciaran, the company head honcho, is a dream client - he is both creative and wonderfully laid back, which has certainly been a huge help to me, and a constant reminder not to let all the ins & outs of running a business get on top of me!

So excited to get these lovely business cards delivered today. We decided on a suite of three cards, making full use of their colour pallette. 'Flooring by Ciaran Carroll' is based in Leamington Spa. Their website is currently under construction but you can get in touch via email.

Family shoot with The Black's

We'd been trying to organise this shoot for a while and with one thing and another we'd had to take a raincheck or too. Finally everything came together and one Saturday morning we were blessed with a warm and dry day. The family chose Hatton locks as it is close to where they live and there gorgeous little girl loves visit the ducks and watch the boats. It was a fun morning and we even got to chill out for a pitstop at the cafe.




Ian & Winnie's wedding

Ian & Winnie got married last year at Hotel du Vin in Birmingham and I thought I'd posted a follow up with photo's from their wedding, but it seems not. So here's a short video of their day. 


Marvellous Mugshots

Here's a poster I created for a bride and groom at a previous wedding. It's a simple idea and a great way to get fun group shots and makes a great keepsake. I'm always amazed to see how, at first, guests act so shy and reluctant to step up but once things get going I literally have to pry the frame out of their hands to give it to the next couple!

Chris & Sarah's wedding day

Chris and Sarah got married last November. It was a lovely dry, crisp winters day. The day started off at The Bell, at Hampton Poyle, a gorgeous Pub & Boutique B&B. The bride, Sarah, and I had enjoyed a 'very important' 'planning' meeting at the Bell, prior to the big day, where I was treated to a fantastic meal in gorgeous surroundings so I knew just want a fabulous day this venue would provide. Sarah had a put a lot of thought into the little creative details that make wedddings so delicious to shoot and her sister had made all the little cookies for the favours. The Bride and groom even provided a big red bus to transport the bridal party and guests to Oxford Town Hall for the ceremony.